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Of gluttony and opaque tights ;)

the hours spent getting to class: trekking thru snow quite thick, shuffling and squeezing into the bus, huffing and puffing from the overexposure to strangers ..all becoming a daily affair.


today i met some cute kids in the ward. they are funny, showing me and babygirl videos of them dancing, pillow fighting..haha and there was one particularly sweet boy who was warded for obesity ^___^

i bought a pair of very sheer purple tights, and a pair of olive colored opaques yesterday. Me and babygirl went all the way to Burkin to buy a fruit tart to stuff ourselves with..haha in thick snow and below zero degrees, i think gluttony is really our weakness. Not so surprising, as of now, the fruit tart is finished 😀 (because im sharing with Pinky!) but i relish such simple pleasure..and as usual, my simplest pleasure is derived from food.

a little more complicated?makeup and opaque tights 🙂 im still waiting and keeping my fingers crossed for my ebay parcel to arrive.


currently looking for : my pink stethoscope (misplaced it)



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Sex and Death 101

i've just watched Sex and Death 101 and i think its kinda twisted.Omg me no likey.

oh yeah today i gave up my seat for a teacher i recognized to only find out soon after that she IS our teacher starting fr today,for 2 weeks..hahaha what a coincidence!


hoping for an early finish for tomorrow's class.still exhausted..from dont know what.


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i've been so tired the entire week.studying in a class 6 floors up is no easy feat for me (okay i've just made me sound very uncool,but) it's really a bitch climbing up. plus the entire week i was watching some kind of series or another..haha

yesterday we celebrated MiniMe's birthday 😛 MiniMe is Pinky's first present to me,and she was 2 year old we had Johnny,Siti,Vasanth and babygirl over too.bought a fruit tarte from Burkin for yummy.babygirl and i has this plan to buy one to share for ourselves..then we can stuff ourselves silly with it .. *evil laugh*


been shopping alot recently,ever since the trip.kinda errr scared now..cause i cant stop! i won 2 bids on its on its way to me Smashbox Tokidoki has 2 more items :):) cant wait.haha maybe one day i'll post up all the stuffs i bought fr greece/poland.yesterday i bought Bourjois duo chrome eyeliner in dark greenish black,the color is gorgeous and it glides on worth it for onl 35grv.

the one i have is the first one, emerald noire…feel like getting the bronze one(last) too.gtg ,getting ready to go out now.

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im still awake feeling very guilty yet i cant resist not watching another episode of Nodame Contabile.. a japanese comedy/drama


im having class tomorrow at a place where i'll have to climb 6 flights of stairs *huff puff*

but i reaaaaaaaaaaaally want to watch another episode aiyohh

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A little joyous Sunday

Yesterday Jing took me to a new hypermarket quite far away, boy it was prety big! nothing simferopol has seen before i bet =0 because it reminded me of carrefour back home ..hehe so  i was really happy and excited eventhough the selection of things being sold was quite standard compared to the other supermarkets. i enjoyed my time there going from aisle to aisle…with a big trolley yet enough space without having the need to jostle.

in case you dont IS the first hypermarket in simferopol :D:D

even the staffs were friendly.when i was buying salad the lady asked me whether i was speaking english (in russian) to Pinky and then started asking me where im studying etc, she got pretty excited when she found out that i have Obs & Gyn classes in the hospital her mom works at..hahaha so random. it was a refreshing change..from the usual Ukrainian hostility.

i overspent again,buying crabcakes,prawns,sausages..and whole lot of other stuffs. im so proud of my fridge is so well stocked! both my neighbours arent in so the fridge is mine again! (actually it is mine,but i was obliged to share -___-)

tonight im going to cook sweet and sour fish. today i went to the outdoor market, Privoz omg it was hella dirty and muddy from the undried snow and mud cocktail *ewwww* but we braved it all for the sake of buying capsicums at cheaper price..expected it to be a few bucks cheaper..but not half the im very happy! at least getting my boots dirty was worth it.

somehow im thinking..for a person perpetually on diet(me) i spend alot on grocery shopping each week.and im really trying to fatten Pinky up.but im starting to think it's a lost cause..

im loading youtube chinese new year trying to download more chinese new year songs too..anyone can help? i'd really appreciate it.

yesterday Suan,babygirl, jing and vasanth came over..*lol* quite an unusual combination..but i think everyone had fun.we girls baked a brownie and watched a movie..Boy Girl Thing..haha silly movie but it's the perfect movie to watch with my girlfriends.

oh ya, yesterday Pinky found an extra pack of tea which i've forgotten i own..haha see now i have this much tea to drink..and they say, 'Variety is the spice of life' right… -______-

anyone wants to come over for a cup?

my fav is Tess Daisy 🙂

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the first tag im doing for 2008 🙂

5 things found in my bag
lab coat,a pair of slipper,my vanity pouch (consisting of handcream,3 lip glosses,lip balm,mirror),pencil case,misc rubbish like used tissue,handouts etc

5 things found in my wallet
credit cards,discount cards,isic,$$,pinky's photo

5 favourite things in my room
my wallpaper, tv, mini fridge, my makeup, and Pinky 😀

5 things I always wanted to do
go white water rafting, spend time doing nothing on the beach, eat without thinking of putting on weight, hang out with Pinky and my parents together, go anywhere with Pinky

5 things I'm currently into
Makeup, false eyelashes,cooking, colored opaque tights, over the knee boots

List out the top 4 presents you wish for
never ending supply of MAC, an american address for me to buy fr US websites, LV mini lin croisette speedy.but really, if this could be considered a 'present', i just want to be with Pinky.

The person who tagged you is: Jiarhwei

Your 5 impressions of him/her:
creative, fun, stylish,witty,friendly

Most memorable thing she has done to you
leaving me comments of encouragement when i really needed it 🙂 thanks alot babe!

If she becomes my lover,

alot of men would be envious of me 😉


If she becomes your enemy, the reason will be
all the food titles of her blog posts, tempting me too much!

Pass the quiz to 5 people
Vinvie, Jing, Zoey, Alvin, Chen (eh must layan okay,i tihnk its the first time im tagging anyone!)

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2007, the year that was

Prague, Jan 07
Taking the Disney train in HK July 07
Summer 07
Ivy & Chaiwye pigging it out, summer 07
Japan 717 [800x600]
Musical Festival, Dec 07

gosh i missed the end of the year's almost mid jan, but i do have some recollections about dear ol 07'

that year i missed

  • Gwen stefani in concert, not once, but TWICE having had the tickets to go to both the Sg and KL concert 😦 Couldnt make if for Sg because of mom and her restrictions, couldnt make it for KL because of Japan trip
  • Muse in Kiev..didnt even know about the concert till it was over ,makes me a very lame fan no?
  • MU!!! in Kiev…because no one wanted to go with me, and because deep down i know it isnt worth the risk..
  • meeting up with my bestie, Chen..still cant believe i missed the opportunity twice. once in summer..second time when i went back recently.

had my passport stamped in

  • Germany & Czech republic in January, a very lovely trip with dear Pinky, Ck & Alex
  • Krakow & Warsaw in April , the sadistic side of me was dying to see Auschwitz Nazi Concentration camp..
  • Hongkong in July : mad and sweaty 4 days spent in HK eating and shopping 🙂
  • Japan in August : with mom,dad & extended family , where i discovered the magic of japanese cosmetics ^___-
  • Poland again..enroute to Greece on 01/01/08
  • slightly unrelated, but i visited two Disneylands : Hongkong and Tokyo! two more (Paris and Orlando,Florida) and i'll complete my Disneyland world tour :D:D

i did better than i expected in my mid years, i went through an almost drama free summer holiday.. and i even managed a trip back home on my own.

i wish i had

  • spent more time with my friends, both over here in Ukraine and back home
  • sorted things out with C******, my bestest guy friend..
  • been more patient with people
  • eaten less?

everyday i fell in love with the same person, less intense on our bad days but having Pinky in my life has made everything alot easier.i found someone i could trust, someone i could fall back on (even though he is not so fond of tickling my feet) and even though he makes me feel fat by being skinnier than me.. i ❤ him still. 


this year, i hope i will be more resilient to face the changes i will inevitably face, have more courage to stand up for what i want, and be more considerate.

(the geek in me wishes to be able to intubate a real patient and save his life)

and the ever there romantic that i am wish to be a better girlfriend to Pinky.

Dear friends,

may 2008 be filled with moments like this.. ! (i love my violet tights! haha)

ps : how can i forget!! i did my first ever online shopping and had Benefit items shipped to me in Ukraine :D:D.may 2008 be filled with even more online shopping and free shipping!







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home is where my heart says

im back in the comfort of my own so glad and relieved that i dont have to worry about lugging my stuffs all over the place anymore.


nothing beats the feeling of home when you know that someone is waiting.

this would probably be my fav pic of the entire trip.

because i looked like shite,sick and tired

because this photo didnt capture all my imperfections


off to bed,


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Hello fr Athens

just came back from beautiful, deserted Santorini.

am now waiting patiently to go back.

i think im gonna just shelf my LV intention,because after days of walking around..i didnt stumble upon it.byebye mini lin croisette..


miss everyone~

i think i miss sitting around doing nothing but surfing the net, and the taking a breather hopping onto Pinky and distrupt whatever that he is doing.

tata for now.


ps: thanks for ur comforting words in the previous comments

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Athens, i dont like my first impression

im already in athens. in a kinda gross hostel 😦 me no likey.but we save $$ stayin here so i guess that evens it out.

missing my room so much suddenly.think its because pinky is there.even a shoddy hostel wouldnt be so bad if pinky is here.



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