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the splatter of rain yesterday did not wash away my fears

all i seem to do is just to sit in front of my laptop and click away.
i feel like im clicking away my precious time which i could spend with pinky.
yet i cant tear myself away.. it's starting to make me wonder, what the hell is wrong with me??

june is so near…it is practically knocking.
soon it'll be time to pack up
packing up my life.. 6 years, all of it into boxes
leaving behind things i dont want, cant bring back, and … pinky.

10 months of him being here without me, i worry for his health.i worry that he wouldnt eat enough (he has a tendency,because he is very fussy) i worry about his happiness, i worry that he will be lonely.

but what can i do? i should really try to stash these worries away and spend my energy loving him instead.but im not, because weirdly, im parked right in front of the comp…aimlessly clicking away.

i will be facing a whole new life..
and i dont have my best friend,boyfriend and comfort hug with me.

im not looking forward to returning home, because im afraid of what is there, and most of all.. what isnt.

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this week

so the MCQ krok 2 exam stress has lifted ! *phew* what a relief, i was having sleepless nights wondering if i failed, and the sleepless nights wondering if i did really badly even if i did pass..

so it turned out none of that is true, i did much much better than i'd dare to hope for (83.5%!!!) i cant believe it!! i know im starting to sound really lame having no self confidence and what not, but walking out of the exam hall i felt that i wasnt sure about quite a number of questions and that feeling sucked.


im spending my days spending $$ i found a uber cool shopping outlet for Adidas and it carries quite a wide choice of Missy Elliot merchandise..*hehe* so u know where those precious $$ went. i was contemplating asking dad to allow me another Benefit haul but have been tihnking really hard about it and i havent made up my mind.. feeling guilty ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

it's just my bad luck with getting Benefit Body So Fine, because each time Jing wanted to pay up the items in her shopping bag the item would go out of stock. it happened TWICE!! and then recently it came back on…so im really tempted to get it with my own visa.. sigh.


believe it ornot i still have 2 exams to take. It's so called the Finals. though i hear everyone say that if u passed the MCQ u'll most likely sail through these finals… so im really really lazy and unmotivated the moment, someone please motivate me!!

a few days ago we celebrated our anniversary by pigging out in our all time favourite restaurant

this is called 'lakman' it's basically a noodle soup with a meat based broth, topped with chunks of beef. potatoes,carrots and onions. quite oily,but very flavorful

meat cutlet baked with potatoes and cream sauce – this is sooo yummy (even tho it doesnt look so here :p) the potatoe are tender, and it's perfect to eat this with bread dipped into the gravy

and this is the famous dish, Plov or Pilav. it's actually rice cooked with meat,carrots,sometimes peas and's a favourite of many, reminds me of nasi bryani

and this…is the local version of lemonade, it tastes alot like ice cream soda

this isn't russian cuisine, but uzbekistan ๐Ÿ™‚ imho, more delish than typical russian fare. haha




Pinky got a haircut! no more curly locks >.<


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it seems like just yesterday

that we were so awkward around each other

that we loved hanging out yet had little to say

that you sent me that jigsaw puzzle which u made

that i fell so so in love with you


and now :

you understand me so well

you could even complete my sentence

and you have gotten yourself a very special place in my heart

(even tho u banned that shisha which i so so loved)


i love you, Fariq.


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it aint no morning sickness at 3 am

im taking Ciprofloxacin for my wisdom tooth inflammation ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it's my first time taking it and hopefully my last.the dyspepsia caused with it is so horrible ๐Ÿ˜ฆ worse is, it's a combined drug and the manufacturers nicely added in a dose of tinidazole too…which i believe contribute awhole lot to my nausea

the tenderness of my right cheek made it difficult for me to eat, so i could hardly eat a proper meal = taking antibiotic with a partially empty stomach. i know im the antithesis of proper medicine taking..but even the thought of risking the pain to eat.., i'd rather not eat.

and im not supposed to take it with any dairy product, so i cant take it with yoghurt or kefir either. and that has been almost all that im consuming at the moment..

im drinking ginger tea now to suppress my nausea.

OMG at 3 f*****g am, im drinking ginger tea because i cant flop onto bed fearing that i'll vomit on my pinky

3 am in the morning is nowhere near early enough for me to be nauseous


this sucks ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

still procrasinating the dental visit. am not looking forward to bleeding and gauzes and the prolonged inability to chew


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Break it like how you are so good at

i think i could be possibly teetering near the edge of my sanity..


i cant, cant make myself more comfortable to be able to devour all the thousands of MCQs there are for me to right cheek is killing me and i lost the ability to eat solids for 2 days already. apparently the 4th wisdom tooth is errupting.. what perfect timing

and i cant figure out how to rid off the depressing thoughts of having just 3 days to spend with Pinky after my parents leave for kl from here in July.. it was supposed to be an entire week. An entire final week of spending time playing with Pinky..i have been holding on to that notion for the longest time, always comforting myself that i have one more more week left when all the drama and stress subside.

but now, even that has been taken away.

blame it on unfortunate circumstance?

im just sad, and this time i cant figure something out to 'comfort myself' because all i can think of is.. it's just three days..


and the most important exam of my med sch life is on Tuesday..

im so dead ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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JC : Baby Fluffy in Dressage

Last summer when i knew that i'll be dropping by HK for a few days i had my intentions set on getting myself a Juicy Couture handbag because back then Pavilion wasn't open, and there weren't any Juicy store in Malaysia. All this while i was lemming for a juicy something (bag/clutch/wristlet) so i saved up abit and made it a point to find out where to find Juicy in HK.

I was at Times Square, HK island when i was searching so hard for Juicy which is supposed to be inside Lane Crawford and on my way i walked past Coach..*lol* big gleaming Coach sign called out to me and i couldn't resist stepping in…so i dragged Pinky in with me and … he nearly had to drag me out..because i refused to leave without getting something..haha such was the strong pull of Coach. But he insisted that i still check out Juicy Couture before buying anything so we finally found the elusive Juicy counter at Lane Crawford. It was a tiny area with really few Juicy bags on display..totally unlike the massive pink fluffland i envisioned a Juicy Store to be -______ – So in the end i picked up a Coach Signature striped tote instead.

OI BUT GUESS WHAT *hyperventilate* i finally got me a Juicy!!!

and it had to be a Baby Fluffy omg just the name is to die for..i'll never forget Dniepropetrovsk for this..hahaaha

here's a little unwrapping post

hehe finally i chose Juicy! too bad they didn't have the pale pink paper bag for me >.<

take a little peek

front view

close up of the blingbling

the inside of the bag has 2 smaller pockets one is presumbly for cellphone..and another 

for a mirror ! *lol* this is awesome i dont have to lug around my own mirror

side view : 2 tiny pockets with magnetic flaps

the end.


ps : never thought i'd be getting a juicy bag in this color, but im happy with it! beautiful purple and green, a very unusual color for me ๐Ÿ™‚ been subconsciously buying more purple now!haha


pps : i LOVE juicy!! i hope to be getting more next time (hopefully in pink) i really liked the daydreamer but it's really huge i wish im still going to school it's zeee most purrrfect sch bagg ๐Ÿ˜€

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Dniepropetrovsk – A short spring break shopping trip

back at the same spot after 6 months.. Europe shopping centre , *hehe* what a tacky name, but i love the building even though it's abit on the smaller side and im only interested in 2 shops there : Tally Weijl and Accessorize. This was the place we started shopping at about 11 am..after our perfect japanese breakfast nearby.

this pic was taken very early in the morning when the streets were still, hence the opportunity to take the photos in peace.

we arrived at 6.40 am the morning, holy shit so early and we were like vagrans with no where to go so we decided to take a walk to the river side, and this is a very heavily edited photo the bridge across the famous Dniepr River in ukraine.

Pinky and Jing at the bridge, no pics of me there because i had a runny nose and was sick and still too early to look remotely sane in photos.

Second pic is me doing the usual at the restaurant we had our breakfast in. The usual being trying my best to bully Pinky in whatever way possible. I feel odd referring the place we had our breakfast in as a 'restaurant' but take a look:

nice bright ambience of the restaurant, of course im bias, because they serve japanese food ! *whee* it was such an indulgence to have it for breakfast because Simferopol does not have a japanese restaurant, the closest it comes to it is some restaurant serving a few over priced pieces of sushi..



Jing's ramen, and our maki rolls. Hmm one quirky thing about the japanese restaurants here.. (cant say about all, but i went to 2 in one day and it both had it) they nicely state the Kcal of each dish next to its photo in the girls cant complain about over eating..or not wanting to eat ๐Ÿ˜€


then for lunch, we went to Friday's.

there arent many pics that we took apart from those of us eating.. because no time lah during shopping to be taking photos -_____ – that's me sipping on Jing's drink because i actually ordered a boring hot choccie to drink because i was sick and i couldnt take cold drinks.

oh how i wish this was mine! 

our starter

some chicken dish

and actually we had another fish dish but we finished it before remembering to take photos. TGIF in ukraine is quite pricey, one dish averages around 80grv so it wasn't so hard to eat enough to get the discount card (yeah discount card for TGIF!! haha)


this is how empty it was, only 2 tables were occupied.


omg this was orgasmic. i think i was severely deprieved of good rich dessert in ukraine because this just isn't the local style of dessert cant even find a decent cake that i like so when i took a bite of this.. i was really really happy


the end of dniepropetrovsk blog post.

sorry there's only pics of food. *oops* maybe one day if im not lazy i'll take some pics of the goodies i bought there!

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Just because.

i am feeling very much loved and pampered and i feel so happy to have found you. i found my best friend, confidante, playmate, and my very own hug machine >.<

โค you very very much, sayang !


ps : i also dont mind the uber delish kuah lemak you can cook up…

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another hallmark in life..

tomorrow is the last day of our semester, which also signifies the END of my entire schooling life

and im feeling kinda depressed. i knew this day was coming, i have been thinking about it the past few weeks..and more so the past few days.each day i have been counting down.. and tonight would be the last night i have to worry about waking up early for class

if i could i would continue studying, it may be weird that im still studying at my age, i took a 6 year degree course and i still am not ready for it to end.

or maybe im not ready for my life here to slowly come to an end piece by piece. soon it would be the photo session, then the final MCQ exam, the final viva exams..and then graduation ceremony and it's all overwhelming me. im not ready to start working, im not ready to leave my comfort zone.

and i dontknow how to lead my life without Pinky by my side. i dont know how to get used to life back home staying with my parents, having had 6 years of total freedom here.


omg what am i gonna do tomorrow i havent even been taking pictures of us in class i dont wantto break down and be all weird cause im pretty sure not many ppl share my feelings everyone seems to be so glad to get this over and done with ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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Dniepropetrovsk , a small shopping haven

just got home fr a very fruitful shopping trip >.< but im sick..again with the sniffles and cough.
will  post the pics of my stuffs up soon ,there's something im reeeeally excited about ๐Ÿ˜‰

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