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Wild bluebell & Nectarine blossom

Yeay! Just placed an order with Jo Malone UK website, my super clever online shopping savvy cousin Wei Hong did it for me since I don’t have a UK credit card ๐Ÿ™‚ then aunty Hilda will be bringing it back for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰


This time I have chosen wild bluebell as it was the one I was choosing between but in the end I went for pear & freesia. Bought my second bottle of Nectarine Blossom, it’s my absolute favourite. This scent makes me so happy. It puts a smile on my face when I spritz it on, and when its an amazing feeling when I get a whiff of it throughout the day. No scent has evoked these kind of feeling from me before. And… I bought another item I never thought I’ll pay this amount of money for, a candle -__- in the same scent. I just want to surround myself n bask in it.. Aaah imagine falling asleep to this scent *bliss*


Trip to Italy-the retail therapy

oh God. the shopping was fantastic, what wasn’t was the limited time allocated for shopping >.< not too impressed by how our tour guide arranged the day to day itinerary as it didn’t allow us much time on our own. so recently in april me, mom, aunty flo and uncle sam went for a trip to italy. we covered a few cities.. hmm if laziness or procrastination wears off i might blog about the trip. but this post is about the stuff i bought!

i think I’m gonna be eating porridge for a few months. but maybe not because mr awesome is feeding me ๐Ÿ˜‰


our haul from Venice, where we had 2 hours to shop so we only managed to pop by Chanel and MiuMiuImage

and this is from Rome, managed to purchase all the above items within 45 mins. I’m gonna do individual unboxing post for the MiuMiu, Chanel and LV..wait for it ย ok?Image

found these beautiful snakeskin bangles in Pisa, since i missed the chance to look for them in Florence, where i remember i bought a few during my last trip years ago. snapped up a few in various colors, not all of them are mine..this stack here includes mom’s and aunty flo’sImage

wearing all mine together, love how it goes well with my Pandora bracelet โค โคImage

not so flattering pic of me at Serravalle Designer Outlet with some of our haulImageImage

found the shoes of my dreams. my very first pair of ferragamo shoes ๐Ÿ˜€ i love the gold studs.. and thank goodness there was my size at the outlet, so i got it at a very good price tooImage

and my mom’s, a more subdued pair less rocking but still very pretty ain’t it

and finally, a pic of our haul, minus some misc stuff (all the ones that g0t my heart racing are in this pic ๐Ÿ˜‰


Loving it NAKED

the next best thing to having a best friend come home from a trip to Europe when you don’t get to tag along is…when she comes home with goodies for you! and i received a lip primer too ๐Ÿ˜‰


i love my NAKED palette so much *excited*


very luxe packaging..velvety and sleek


i’ve tried it out, naturally (immediately after i reached home) and i love it.. the colors are all neutrals..very easy to use and match. with different finishing.. but the texture remains smooth just like all the other Urban Decay eyeshadows.


loving this so much


i’m feeling so lucky Fan managed to get one for me from UK as it is sold out in some of the other countries. and of course.. i’m still wishing that Sephora would open its doors in KL, and bring along all these other makeup brands that we don’t have right now. Pssst like, NARS, hello? do you hear me Sephora?

used it quite a few times.. i love that they gave a mini eyeshadow Primer potion so that i could try it out and decide if i want the full size one. (yes i do) the only issue i have with some of the more glittery shades is the fallout. need more practice with the application. otherwise i’m totally in love with it ๐Ÿ™‚

have not posted about my MAC Venomous Villains haul..from a while ago. will do that soon

Im in handbag heaven~

mom and dad came back from europe last week and brought back a whole lot of stuffs for me. including this bag that i've been lemming for a longgggggggggg time…. *ahem*

so here's it is…!


okay..another peek

any guesses?

Monogram Vernis Alma pm

been in love with this bag for the longest time..esp in this color, amarante. the only other color i would like is rose pop, a bright pink which was never made into this bag..(the pm size)

i asked mom to look for Alma BB, the baby version of this bag which comes with an additional long strap for cross body wear..but of course, its all sold out. so my lovely parents got me this instead <3<3<3!

and there's something else!

(can u see im verrrrrrrrryyyyyyy excited)

this one comes in a box


looks just like any other monogram

but inside printed with sweet pastel pink flowers

it's a little bit bigger than i expected

but the pink flowers are too cute to resist ๐Ÿ˜‰


much more stuffs i havent taken pics of

from bangles/hairbands/earrings/scarves



my parents certainly made me feel as if i was there to shop!


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Juicy couture *edit* added more pics

Yeay! Parcel arrived *excited*

the mini charm bracelet ๐Ÿ™‚ i didnt expected it to come in such a cute box

actually ordered another necklace, but they didnt ship it due to 'shipping restrictions'

ish. quite annoyed with the customer service because they didnt inform me that they  are not shipping the necklace so i ended up paying the same amount for one item shipping which was quoted for both the items

if they informed me maybe i could have picked something else up




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breathtakingly beautiful

im loving this, the color is perfect..


Marc Jacobs quilted bruna leather tote..

found it online at neiman marcus for 995usd

now the problem is..how do i get to buy it for that price? im assuming the markup in the malaysia marc jacob store is massive…probably would be about 500-600usd more ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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few random thoughts:

i miss Pinky i miss Pinky i miss Pinky i miss Pinky i miss Pinky i miss Pinky i miss Pinky i miss Pinky

i might be doing the intralase lasik surgery for my eyes next friday! no more contact lenses and spectacles after this! (but i will be changing my geeky specs to 0 degrees lens..just in case the call for a geeky face arises..heehe)

i bought 2 dresses from Miss selfridge today

this is so..country looking im wondering how to wear it.or what to wear it with because this isn't really my style..but thought of experimenting..

i love this one the skirt is like an almost full poofy skirt..hehe makes me look a little housewifey but i love the print and smocking at the waist.. ๐Ÿ™‚

all dresses except the new collection are going for 20% less from now till 5th october.. *yeay!* so do check them out,there are many pretty ones in store


it's been a while since i posted what i bought..yet i've been buying quite a few things recently. more mac and some benefit items that i've gotten ages ago and didnt post.

everyone seems to be busy this weekend.

who wants to go for cider? or at least some drinks..i need a good hard long island ice tea

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Recent Benefit haul *picture heavy*

so recently i bought some stuffs fr Benefit (thanks to the goodness of Jing + her visa) haha

we opted to gift wrap 2 items, but it arrived in one pretty box instead. it's supposed to be cheryl's and mine…but ever so kind cheryl let me have it…with the quote 'i know u enjoy these things' -___-

First peek inside..containing all the items i bought recently, can u see that i have Posietint!

L-R : Posietint, High Beam, Creaseless cream shadow/liner

 clockwise fr top left : Some kind-a gorgeous foundation faker, Brow zing, Her glossiness

Posietine : the new cheek/lip stain from benefit. It's pink and it looks mighty flourescent , i could do swatches or attempt a review if anyone's interested

the famous high beam, it works wonderfully to create a faux nose bridge, and higher cheekbones for me

 the universal 'light' shade of foundation faker

this is a gift for my mom, im still trying to convert her to a lipgloss user >.< dont u think the color is soo saucy

Brow Zings, my shade is 'dark' of course.. i love this.this is kinda like my first brow product.it's quite easy to use, and it shapes my brows pretty well.Comes with 2 handy brushes too,but the tweezer is quite crappy

L-R : Creaseless cream shadow/liner in Prenup (spring limited ed) and Skinny jeans. im sitting on the fence about prenup as i was expecting a more pinkish shade,but on me it looks orangy instead.skinny jeans is a gorgeous grey/silver it's very great for a subtle smoky.under certain light it even looks olive on me (according to Pinky) and it's really easy to apply.

the free samples that came along with it. actually we had four, from 2separate shipments..but i kinda think we bought hell alot of stuffs..and only got four, of which 2 are the same -__-


im supposed to be studying!OMG im scared but not motivated, what is happening!!


this is what i need :

a nice, cool beer.

ps : been refraining from drinking due to health reasons, but fret not my liver's not failing..just worry about some drug reaction, and no thanks im not gonna tell what im taking ๐Ÿ˜€

and also because recently i seem to get tipsy over the teensiest amount of alcohol, so very -the-not-cool *hmmph*

it's big because i remember outdrinking Pinky…on one particulay NYE party..and then he fell onto my lap..and then..our story began hehe

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JC : Baby Fluffy in Dressage

Last summer when i knew that i'll be dropping by HK for a few days i had my intentions set on getting myself a Juicy Couture handbag because back then Pavilion wasn't open, and there weren't any Juicy store in Malaysia. All this while i was lemming for a juicy something (bag/clutch/wristlet) so i saved up abit and made it a point to find out where to find Juicy in HK.

I was at Times Square, HK island when i was searching so hard for Juicy which is supposed to be inside Lane Crawford and on my way i walked past Coach..*lol* big gleaming Coach sign called out to me and i couldn't resist stepping in…so i dragged Pinky in with me and … he nearly had to drag me out..because i refused to leave without getting something..haha such was the strong pull of Coach. But he insisted that i still check out Juicy Couture before buying anything so we finally found the elusive Juicy counter at Lane Crawford. It was a tiny area with really few Juicy bags on display..totally unlike the massive pink fluffland i envisioned a Juicy Store to be -______ – So in the end i picked up a Coach Signature striped tote instead.

OI BUT GUESS WHAT *hyperventilate* i finally got me a Juicy!!!

and it had to be a Baby Fluffy omg just the name is to die for..i'll never forget Dniepropetrovsk for this..hahaaha

here's a little unwrapping post

hehe finally i chose Juicy! too bad they didn't have the pale pink paper bag for me >.<

take a little peek

front view

close up of the blingbling

the inside of the bag has 2 smaller pockets one is presumbly for cellphone..and another 

for a mirror ! *lol* this is awesome i dont have to lug around my own mirror

side view : 2 tiny pockets with magnetic flaps

the end.


ps : never thought i'd be getting a juicy bag in this color, but im happy with it! beautiful purple and green, a very unusual color for me ๐Ÿ™‚ been subconsciously buying more purple now!haha


pps : i LOVE juicy!! i hope to be getting more next time (hopefully in pink) i really liked the daydreamer but it's really huge i wish im still going to school it's zeee most purrrfect sch bagg ๐Ÿ˜€

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Dniepropetrovsk , a small shopping haven

just got home fr a very fruitful shopping trip >.< but im sick..again with the sniffles and cough.
will  post the pics of my stuffs up soon ,there's something im reeeeally excited about ๐Ÿ˜‰

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