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the shopping drama

yesterday i met up with my dear Datin ๐Ÿ™‚ so happy to see her, and boy she drives one hell of a nice ride…

had dinner at italiannies in pyramid, shared carbonara, fried calamari & had our drinks..

then we went to topshop to get me my dress (my pay came in! 2 months of it ๐Ÿ™‚


so we were walking around when we saw a couple holding their toddler looking really distressed, it turned out that the kid was having a seizure, right there in pyramid oh gosh, so me and didie went to help, put him down, try to get him to breathe..checking his was quite exciting ,and its kinda funny that all these while i've been going out nothing has happened and the one time that me n didie hang out we come across this..

when the kid regained consciousness they brought him to the nearby hosp..and that was it.

hope he is okay, i tihnk he should be ๐Ÿ™‚


working tomorow and on call the day after.i should really catch up on my lost sleep.

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im on call tomorrow..


but not on christmas day!


*keeping my fingers crossed that the person im doing the call for tomorrow will not back out*

let's do something ppl, on xmas eve ๐Ÿ˜€



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saturday night short of debauchery

only when the happy fluids run thru me..

there's only one thing i think of

and try to restrain

how funny is it that

what i want is also what i shouldn't have


and it only always come when my mind is fueled by the happy spirits..

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when life throws you a shitty work collegue..


is it okay if i say it publicly that im close to despising my workmate? almost there..

i've tolerated taking the blame for not doin something that we both were responsible for, held in my words when i was made to look like a fool in front of our superiors, kept my patience when she annoyingly and repeatedly told our friend that i was the one who reported on him..when it was really an honest mistake…on my part.

i cant take it anymore.

i dont know if i could get used to being on calls few times a week.. and i thought i was getting the hang of it

and then the situation in my own ward had to get worse.


cant wait for her to leave the ward on the 28th.

M.U.S.T  B.E. P.A.T.I.E.N.T

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a beautiful saturday

im currently wifi-ing while im getting a manicure & pedicure done. haha.. trying to get my mind off being stress or depressed about being on call tomorrow..

*tells self it's okay..*


so today i managed to get my haircut from Sunny at Shunji!'s so long overdue. and the best thing is, i got my fringe back ๐Ÿ˜€ even better is that he told me i could walk in anytime if i wanted to trim my fringe..without making an appointment ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ and im gonna let my hair grow long and prolly around april i will get another perm..


gonna try to psyche myself up tonight

tomorrow have to be up early..



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funny things at work

i have not felt so carefree for the longest time.

im going out tonight with the girls!

omg i cant believe it ๐Ÿ˜€


im on call again on sunday, oh yes, the third motherfucking sunday in a row

getting really tiredof these sunday calls


so yesterday i experienced something new.i was called to accompany a baby from daycare oncology clinic to go for her ct scan, and was supposed to sedate her and make sure she remains sedated throughtout the scan… sounds easy peasy…lol thats what i thought. the thing is our dear baby here is such a fighter,she was fighting the effects of the sedation and refused to sleep.she was pre-sedated with chloral hyrate and then i gave her some midazolam and she was still tossing and turning. waited for almost an hour before the MO came with promethazine and we tried that too but she was STILL AWAKE . omg *sweat* and so unlucky we were, her iv line bunked like..5 times? the MO had to set the line right there at the ct scan waiting area 4 times and finally when we thought we were done and she was off to slumber land peacefully (the line bunked after we injected promethazine the final time) the radiologist came and drop the bomb : they need an iv access for the contrast substance to go in -___- i swore my knees went weak hahaha i cant believe it, so the poor MO had to set the line again..

off she went into the ct scan room and we were at the observation room waiting for it to be done when the radiologist called us in and said the iv line bunked a-g-a-i-n. omg i cant believe it so we had to set another line right there with her on the bed of the ct scan machine and the place being the ct scan lab it didnt have a stopper for us to lock the line so after we got the line in and the contrast in we realised that we had nothing to close the line to stop the blood flow, then our poor baby was bleeding out of her line making a really big mess..blood dropping from the line and everyone was scurrying to look for a stopper. finally found one and she was scanned… *phew*

it was really funny to think of it.the entire process took more than 2 hours. in between while we were setting the lines i had to run over to the trauma dept to get some supplies and we wanted heparin saline but weirdly they dont have it premixed like how we have it in our the kind nurse made one for me with a normal saline + heparin (1ml heparin in 100ml NS) it brightened up my day…just a random act of kindness could do so much for me ๐Ÿ™‚


my sayang just came online, im off to chat now while i wait for miss chen to pick me up..




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some silly pics from our PD induction course

i cant believe im gonna say this but i miss induction and even btn camp (a tiny bit) i miss hanging around by the beach late at night drinking and just talking silly with the ppl i've just met, the ppl i have known for 6 years but really just gotten to 'know'.

i became better friend with so many people who were from my uni. People that i see the past 6 years but never gotten to know.. and we became good friends during induction at PD.

me and Janee's room at Selesa Beach Resort, Port Dickson

haha dont look at the mess,just look at the room

the coffee making facility that i made full use of to cook instant noodles and other 'instant' anything because im always skipping the meals provided

Amy, Didie, Me & Janee during one of the sessions.looking bleary eyed because it was a real effort not to fall asleep

Danny, Didie & Janee

Singfa & Didie

with our favourite 'Harimau'

some people doing midnight fishing

Anbar & I


Ganesh & Amy our chimney

Gurvin & my big head

hence this pic, me trying to take a shot with his big head instead


happy times

even tho we were so dead tired, we made it to the beach with our drinks, and sometimes burger ramly.

i miss my datin didie,miss driving out with her, amy & janee to get our supplies of ciggs,beers (Mr. Chang from Thailand & Harimau) , snacks and Ramly burger from the nearby 7-11 store

many more pics taken with didie's cam, i wonder when i can see her next. hope she's doing okay in serdang.

cant wait to get our first pay, because we made a pact, we are going shopping!


gonna bring Liev the fatty for grooming at Ikano today, then checkout the ESPRIT presales for members.. 

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mistaken identity – again!

so today someone mistook me for a nurse! OMG why do i look so much like one ?-___- with a stesthoscope slung over my neck, my labcoat, my nametag (oh i can imagine ppl not being able to see my name tag) one of the kid's granny thought i was a nurse. haha not that i mind, i dont really care.but i just dont want to deal with the part where they become so embarassed later on when they find out and i'll have to comfort them, haiyo seriously wtf man.


and today someone also mistook me for an ophthalmo surgeon – haha if such doctors exists.the thing is in our ward,apart from patients with cancer, we also admit ENT, opthalmo and dental patients,usually those who are going in for surgery within the next few days. so today i had to clerk in a girl with right eyelid ptosis undergoing surgery soon (levator resection, if you would like to know) and her dad thought i was the surgeon who was gonna do the surgery. its kinda funny ,maybe cause today i was wearing a mask all the time in my little effort to prevent my infection from spreading.


today was pretty uneventful, apart from the sudden realisation of alot of things.

im finally getting a better grasp of everything, especially the side effects of the chemo drugs and what we have to lookout for in each patient based on the chemotherapy they are on.

most of the patients in the wards are having Pre B ALL or osteosarcoma, in btw there are some cases of Ewing's sarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, AML, medulloblastoma & Wilm's tumor. different chemotherapy protocols are used in different tumors, and we'll have to monitor patients for various effects of the said chemo drugs.

there weren't any tutorials this week,maybe all the lecturers are busy since the holiday season is coming.

im off to chat with my sayang now

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what a life

i was on call last night. it was pretty uneventful..and i even got to sleep a bit. the thing is..i fell sick. had a really bad sore throat starting in the evening (made me lose my appetite) and then by night time i was already feverish. this morning the fever came full blown.. and also the headache and the joint pain. no choice had to take the mc to come home.

went to the clinic at downstairs at the hosp i work at, and was told that i couldnt go to the staff clinic because of some admin/registratration thing and i had to wait with the rest of the crowd for the general clinic. *sigh* luckily only waited for an hr fr the moment i registered till i got my meds.

dad picked me up around 10am, came home n slept all the way till 5pm. im feeling abit better now, the headache's gone, sore throat lessen but there's like a thick fog in my head. im woozy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


going to work tomorrow



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