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Spring Break – Poland : Wieliczka Salt Mine & Warsaw

Hehe here's my 3rd installment about my Poland trip back in April. We joined a tour to the famous Wieliczka Salt Mine in the morning. it was probably about 20 mins away from Krakow city centre.

Some pics i took of the city while we were in the bus

the city tram

this is probably the closest we got to Wavel Castle


we had to walk 380 steps down to the level 1 at the depth of 64m. woah my knees were shaking by the time i reached


this is our guide explaining the carving to us it is supposed to be the Last Supper i think. everyone needs a guide while visiting Wieliczka because it is really huge, and kinda dangerous. we walked in tunnels, kept going down till level 3 (135m) and that's still not the deepest level of the salt mine. there are a total of 9 levels alltogether.

photography were not allowed unless we purchase a special pass and we didnt, so we snuck some pics here and there but most of the time we were busy listening to the guide. the place is huge, it is approx. 300 KM in length o_o yeah,really amazing. and the temperature in the mine in constant throughout the year at 14 degrees celcius.

the salt mine was built in the 13th century.there is even a cathedral in there for worshipping, and of course, everything was made from salt. Everything around us, the tunnels, walls, the roof..omg everything is SALT.

read more about the salt mine *here*


then it was time for my fav activity – Shopping!

outside Galeria Krakowska, the best shopping centre of all the ones we went to in Poland 😀

the dressing room in Pimkie, which i really liked, all bright and pink!


had an ice cream break to calm the tired Pinky down *heehee*


sigh, i want to eat this ice cream nowwww~


then we took a night train to warsaw and arrived at freaking 5 am in the morning *zzzzz*

getting ready to go out(shopping) again while we waited to meet up with the rest of the people coming from Ukraine


as usual, Pinky making fun of me

me and my fav Jing (spent a long time taking pics cause we were waiting)

then finally we had lunch

wheeee eating Jap food in Poland

not so nice sushi

yaki soba (i think) also not nice :/

see my earring? aiyoh i dont know how i lost one side the other day, i was kinda upset cause i liked it alot. i googled the brand and i found out that it is available in Dniepropetrovsk…9 hrs train ride away. and Pinky offered to teman me there to buy it if we have a free weekend but seeing that exams are near… *sigh*

lol this is a pretty pointless post, i dont think u can see much of Poland 😛 just alot of me taking vain pics 😀

DSC03539 (Large)DSC03547 (Large)DSC03561 (Large)DSC03632 (Large)DSC03571 (Large)DSC03582 (Large)DSC03608 (Large)DSC03617 (Large) (2)

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