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Because i am superficial like that

i wanted to do this ages ago but my lazy ass dominates my me more than anything else so now i've decided to do it halfway instead.haha.wanted to post up pics of the bags i somehow gotten myself this summer

let's start with everyone's favourite..

 i got this from Sole Town in HK i think at Causeway Bay area if anyone's going to HK one day please visit Sole Town you wont regret it the shoeeesssss and bags there are to die for.esp for a bag whore like me! it's by Kathy Van Zeeland, and you can visit her webbie  *here* Pinky picked this for me so he's awfully proud that alot of my friends like it.haha.wanted to get it in black, but ended up didnt because

Pinky bought me this bag for my bday pressie

 this bag is very 'me' ahaha loud and pink and it has all the silly rivets here n there that i love. so because i decided to let pinky get this for me..i didnt pick the Kathy bag in black. this is betseyville satchel, and there is also a strap for across-body use. the website is *here*

that's a vain pic of me with it :D:D

then i went to Japan and daddy bought me my burberry blue label bag



just so that u can see it's pretty big (worth the $$) i have to post up very un-glam pic of me posing next to  balang of some sort.

then i walked into Isetan and i saw this..

i think this is my fav buy from japan..it's L.A.M.B chateau clutch, it was the only LAMB bag on display next to marc by marc jacobs bag..me and aunt hilda saw it togetre but i saw it first *evil laugh* so i get to buy it =p

but after i asked the SA to get me a new one i realised that they have more than 1 piece in stock..but aunt hilda was no where in sight

and finally..

this is the coach small tote which i've blogged about 🙂 i love the fucshia lining, and im getting pretty used to the fact that it doesnt have a zip.

these are the bags which i errr acquired during my summer hols,sweet aint it =p


eh tell me which one ur favourite?is it stil the kathy?!! and why!

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Japan trip : Visiting the temples in Kyoto, Bullet train ride to Hamamatsu

We headed to Kyoto for its temples, and to see the more traditional looking japanese architecture.the little street leading up to the temple was filled with quaint little shops selling souvenirs too cute to resist 😉

that's daddy carrying a backpack full of our stuffs =p

the water fountain


haha sometimes mrs lam is cooler than ms lam >_<

look at me all sweaty n gross

 lining up to take the water with the super long thing

finally get to take the water,haha it was splashing!


please peel ur eyes away from my (fat)legs

then we went to a fabric factory, and there was a fashion show on kimono

this is the most elaborate and also my favourite

i think we reached the town of Toyota (or something really similiar) to take a short bullet train ride to Hamamatsu

i saw this at the train station, it's so cool, a 'mobile' defebrillator in case of heart arrests

waiting for our train, which was delayed

after dinner, after a brief shopping session we finally arrived at our hotel.

pretty standard hotel type of room,not as interesting as Cross Hotel in Osaka.


~The end of another super backdated update on my japan trip~

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Japan Trip : 17th Aug 07 – 23rd Aug 07


it was a pleasant flight fr kl-osaka on MAS airlines..i was quite entertained by the inflight entertainment (this usually bores me) so once we arrived early in the morning at Kansai,we were taken to a bus and headed straight to Universal studios. OMG it was so HOT! the weather was hotter than malaysia


hmm i cant tell u how Universal Studio in japan compares to the one in US because i cant remember how the one in US is like :s haha but i liked it there, it's pretty big but we went on a public holiday so there were many many people everywhere. the lines were endless for every ride, and it was a 'norm' to line up for 2 hrs for each ride.

 some pink shop which i didnt have time to enter, and still whining about.

the Jaws ride was fun fun fun! it was a boat thing where we cruise around some river and then the Jaws appear and our boat captain would shoot it and there'd be fire and what not. real can feel panas type of fire leh.

this is quite boring, with unreal looking dinos and a big plunge, which got us all wet.


then we checked into our hotel, which is situated right at the shopping area in osaka, Shinsaibashi.

 our hotel room! it was really small n there were hardly any walking space but i totally love it ❤ wait till u see the bathroom

it was small but so so nice. there was an area for shower u can see on the right,and a stool is provided for lazy asses (like mine!) or u can have a bubble bathe in the bath tub.the flooring is made to allow easy drainage of water so u will not end up with wet floor in the shower area.

 the elevator of Cross Hotel faces outwards onto the street. so cool right. i've not been on a elevator like this before but when i went to japan, there were so many hotel with it heehe 



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they left

as i arrived..Mimi, Jing n Ch are on their way to Athens!omg im so excited and a tad envious 🙂 was thinking of joining them but decided against it cause i'd have to pay for my own ticket while they could claim theirs fr Turkish airlines' freq flyer program.bodoh la me didnt apply, because i think i flew with turkish airlines like…7-8 times return journey, because i used to come back twice a year!

nvm nvm.so i went to japan, and i came back!

the bag is bursting!

i love japan i love japan i love japan i love japan everything is nice and pretty and clean and high tech and yummy and there are lots to buy, even more than HK *gulps* now im sitting in the midst of this big mess in my room with all my stuffs all over the place 0_o

i transferred my pics..but im kinda lazy to blog about the trip now.

my skin's breaking out,gonna be popping alot of pimples soon.praying for some miracle from oxy =p

okla.blog maybe later when i come back.tata!

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