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in love

i just collected my iphone today!



actually bought it for its high aesthetic value..

so it was really a bonus to find out that there are so many fun things to do with it ๐Ÿ™‚

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after a whole week of work

went to Phuture with the girls last night.




i need more nights like that!

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the shopping drama

yesterday i met up with my dear Datin ๐Ÿ™‚ so happy to see her, and boy she drives one hell of a nice ride…

had dinner at italiannies in pyramid, shared carbonara, fried calamari & had our drinks..

then we went to topshop to get me my dress (my pay came in! 2 months of it ๐Ÿ™‚


so we were walking around when we saw a couple holding their toddler looking really distressed, it turned out that the kid was having a seizure, right there in pyramid oh gosh, so me and didie went to help, put him down, try to get him to breathe..checking his vitals..it was quite exciting ,and its kinda funny that all these while i've been going out nothing has happened and the one time that me n didie hang out we come across this..

when the kid regained consciousness they brought him to the nearby hosp..and that was it.

hope he is okay, i tihnk he should be ๐Ÿ™‚


working tomorow and on call the day after.i should really catch up on my lost sleep.

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saturday night short of debauchery

only when the happy fluids run thru me..

there's only one thing i think of

and try to restrain

how funny is it that

what i want is also what i shouldn't have


and it only always come when my mind is fueled by the happy spirits..

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JC : Baby Fluffy in Dressage

Last summer when i knew that i'll be dropping by HK for a few days i had my intentions set on getting myself a Juicy Couture handbag because back then Pavilion wasn't open, and there weren't any Juicy store in Malaysia. All this while i was lemming for a juicy something (bag/clutch/wristlet) so i saved up abit and made it a point to find out where to find Juicy in HK.

I was at Times Square, HK island when i was searching so hard for Juicy which is supposed to be inside Lane Crawford and on my way i walked past Coach..*lol* big gleaming Coach sign called out to me and i couldn't resist stepping in…so i dragged Pinky in with me and … he nearly had to drag me out..because i refused to leave without getting something..haha such was the strong pull of Coach. But he insisted that i still check out Juicy Couture before buying anything so we finally found the elusive Juicy counter at Lane Crawford. It was a tiny area with really few Juicy bags on display..totally unlike the massive pink fluffland i envisioned a Juicy Store to be -______ – So in the end i picked up a Coach Signature striped tote instead.

OI BUT GUESS WHAT *hyperventilate* i finally got me a Juicy!!!

and it had to be a Baby Fluffy omg just the name is to die for..i'll never forget Dniepropetrovsk for this..hahaaha

here's a little unwrapping post

hehe finally i chose Juicy! too bad they didn't have the pale pink paper bag for me >.<

take a little peek

front view

close up of the blingbling

the inside of the bag has 2 smaller pockets one is presumbly for cellphone..and another 

for a mirror ! *lol* this is awesome i dont have to lug around my own mirror

side view : 2 tiny pockets with magnetic flaps

the end.


ps : never thought i'd be getting a juicy bag in this color, but im happy with it! beautiful purple and green, a very unusual color for me ๐Ÿ™‚ been subconsciously buying more purple now!haha


pps : i LOVE juicy!! i hope to be getting more next time (hopefully in pink) i really liked the daydreamer but it's really huge i wish im still going to school it's zeee most purrrfect sch bagg ๐Ÿ˜€

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Smashbox tokidoki, i *heart*


now im only 2 items away from the complete collection but i dont think i'll be getting the last 2 items unless if i can use someone else's cc *hinthint* to buy it ๐Ÿ˜€ dont want to use mine as daddy is already kind enough to layan my nonsense with so much make up recently

post pics up later, i think im too delirious to be clicking away on my cam :D:D

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Back from Dniepropetrovsk

it was almost an impromptu trip even tho we planned it earlier but the weather, my being sick nearly made us not to go..what a terrible mistake it would have been then ๐Ÿ˜‰ i โค the city! it's nice and has nice pretty old buildings..and it has shopping centres so it was a good blend of modern and old world charm. we didn't take too many pics, it was cold and most of the time we were walking or i was shopping..so here's a few

we arrived at 6.40 am, it was freezing and after Izzy's friends Apip, Anatoliy & Shihan picked us up we headed to McD's for breakfast

this is the room at the 'hostel' facility which the rest of our friends are staying for the night.we didn't stay but we were lucky enough to nap while waiting for the shops to open. it's pretty basic, with two smaller-than-usual size beds and shared bathroom for 2 rooms, but for the rather low rate they are paying, i think it's a great deal

Pinky recharging his energy in anticipation of me going crazy when i start shopping heehe

this is me outside the shop i wanted to go to Dniepro for.. *Tally WeijL*  and that's the 1st shop we walked into! *gleeful smile* i got what i wanted, gonna show u later ๐Ÿ˜‰

just a random pic taken outside the Europe shopping centre. see my pants and the embroidery on its sides?i have had many ppl mistaking it for dirt, some of my friends even asked me if i had fallen down -__________- luckily this time when i wore it no one said anything

he must be thinking 'how long more of this!'

and this is Apip our lovely shopping tour guide ๐Ÿ™‚ โค u apip!

took some pics of the Europe Shopping Centre at night

DSC06743 [800x600]DSC06746 [800x600]DSC06747 [800x600]

i like the way the light changes ..typical of me to marvel over things like this

Fr L-R : Apip, me, Izzy, Tita & Baiduree at Apip's room


now im gonna show u the things i bought

a cap and a pair of knee length socks from *Cropp* and 2 pairs of thongs fr *Accessorize* oh i love my thongs they are sooo cute i wish i bought more


 these are the ones i bought <3<3 how can i resist a thong with a cherry on it

and there was something i found..totally unexpected 0____0

i found the Smashbox tokidoki eyeshadow which i saw online months ago..thought i wouldn't be able to get them cause it's not available in Malaysia..and i thought Ukraine wouldn't have them either so i was really surprised when i found it at Bonjour

 was getting only one initially because i was told that it's 200+ Grv but when i paid for it it was only 133Grv after a 5% discount (they gave me a discount card,yeay!) i decided to buy both XD

one of it has cool shades and the other has warm shades, sorry the colors aren't showing well in the pic. dont u think the tokidoki imprints on the mirror is so cute

amazingly i only bought 3 tops-as usual i was indecisive and am regretting right now..so here's my first from *Promod*

a red one from Mango..haha i already have the same top in white but im loving this shade of red

a pink ruched tube top from Tally weijl

and in the next pic, the actual reason i wanted to go Dniepro so much

my delicious earrings! *gasp* i didnt expect them to still have it, i bought my first pair in Krakow (poland) wayy back in Spring..haha but im so lucky ๐Ÿ™‚ dont care if u think it's tacky..im totally loving this. kinda afraid of losing it again tho

was whining about losing the earrings *here*..didnt expect to find it in Ukraine 5 months later . i am a very lucky girl indeed.

the weather was really bad today the winds were blowing so strong some trees fell and we couldn't go out to do our marketing *pout* and i couldn't even get a cake for my baby's birthday.

it's his birthday tomorow and i got a present! hahaha it's a baby pink dog tag chain <3<3 looks so sweet (so totally not me) but the color is fabulous


me is very happy indeed.

a little breather away from my worries.back to visiting clinics and classes tomorrow.

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An afternoon of leisure

bah lazy to blog about it.but yeay!yesterday i bought my grey tights and a nice cute jewellery box ๐Ÿ™‚

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Selamat Hari Raya sayang! and everyone too :):)


yeay time to start eatinggg

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because today was a happy day

i got out of my super lazy position in bed reading my Glamour mag..and headed for the kitchen to chop onions/garlic/peppers for the dish that Pinky was craving for.


getting the ingredients ready for layering..

still not done..

our lasagne ๐Ÿ™‚

a closer look

a whole tray of meaty goodness..haha we piled on the cheese and added an extra ingredient today, pepperoni and we had parmesan

too bad i wasnt craving for lasagne today..cause it turned out nicer than the other times we made it 


hmm me is very happy today!i spent hrs last night writing and reading (okay, some people call it studying) and today i got the results i didnt expect to get…better than i thought ๐Ÿ˜‰ it was a Hygiene test ! it's not a subject i adore you know


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