Monthly Archives: April 2008

the most perfect sunny side up..

i have ever fried.

it's amazing what a 7rm pan can do heehe =p

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i found you, so what’s next?

today he scrubbed my back with an orange scented scrub and then i soaped myself with an orange flower scented shower gel.and now, im gonna cut up a few oranges to eat.


it's been an emotionally draining few breathing in the air of uncertainty and i think im this close to getting breathless and again, the love of my life saved me, by offering comfort after comfort, (be it in terms of food or an sympathetic ear or lots of patience) and i feel better now, after an afternoon of deep restful sleep. which unfortunately took up my gym time 😦 and i am, feeling guilty.

tonight i will have to struggle to fall asleep because the afternoon nap wasnt really a nap after all.


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The girl in the black pinny.

when the first thing u hear in the morning is 'Bila aku sudah tiada…' you kinda know how your day is gonna turn out.what the hell was my playlist doing to me arrr?


i think pms is here for the week. getting weird pains and fatigue.

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another kapris for me please

my days are spend decadently feasting, playing(mamaji), loving and shopping. i adore lazy afternoons of warm sunny weather which came after an entire week of rain. the only exciting outcome of the rain was the river nearby our hostel filling up..i got really excited and i was even hope for it to spill over -_____- but sunny weather came and it dried up almost right away.

recently i was taught by a teacher who spoke english flawlessly, who took the trouble to explain and to teach. he taught us the pathogenesis behind the formation of atheromatous plaques, and the difference in the clinical manifestations of it. it's nice to feel that I've learn something again. i haven't been learning much this year.

summer's coming really soon, and im not ready for the changes it brings.

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So this is love

i just found some pics of Pinky last summer.omfg is he hot or what *salivates*

Hmm my beloved and his crazy cousins (Fariq on the far right)

my heart melts – only looking at the one on the right okay.. =p


i ❤ u sayang! anal and clean freak u maybe, i can live with that (someone to pick up after my mess..heeehe 😉

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Just another step nearer

i know we've reached a whole new level of auntiness when Jing gave me an iceberg lettuce as a present and it got me terribly excited. erm..much more excited than i should be..

today i sat thru hours of class with a hyper peristaltic bowel ready to purge 😦 had some kinda diarrhea, didnt go workout. One more day of Obs & Gyn so im just hoping monday will be a breeze (expecting an exam!! )


my Pinky is a blur sotong(squid) now and fast falling asleep. im wide awake because i literally passed out in the evening from the abdominal pain so..

maybe i'll watch PCD-Girlicious now.


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had the most awesome BBQ on saturday even though the weather was really bad.It was so windy and chilly my bowls flew off countless times, everything was everywhere and i lost 3 plastic cups :S

but the food was so good, i think braving the weather to cook it was so worth it..haha.we had sambal everything – fish, squid, prawns. and of course the obligatory chicken wings, with 2 different marinades. yummers. but there wasnt any photos of food because the weather was a bitch and we had our (7 pairs) of hands full trying to get the food done and eat it at the same time.


i realise one thing, im starting to prefer small gatherings much more than larger ones. there was only 7 of us on saturday and it was so cosy 😉


cant wait for the next one.

ps: the weather is still a bitch and will be for the entire week. omg im having my class at Lugovoe,so far away and it doesnt end till late.sometimes i get home later than Pinky and that's utter rubbish considering that im in 6th year and he's in 5th -______-

found a pic we took recently


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