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Summer trip – Stockholm

Photos from our summer trip to scandinavia, first city, stockholm via warsaw


us minus tan in front of our hostel

at the nearby supermarket, everything looks yummy when it's foreign~

somewhere in the city, going for the ferry ride


complimentary rides for ferry with the purchase of the Stockholm Card, a must for tourists as it includes 2 boat cruises and more than 70 museums admission







we stopped at this little island to visit the Vasa museum

this is a real viking ship pulled up from the ocean floor many years after it sank


more pics to come, im getting lazy -__-

sorry for the bad captions



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Greetings from stockholm

im in stockholm now,after a tedious 3 day journey all the way from ukraine..heehe finally we are here!

will be here for 3 nights

everything is so nice,clean but very expensive 😦

tomorrow will be our first day of sightseeing…cant wait


missing pinky though, but having my parents around makes it more bearable.



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