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little lion chow chow

my little lion Liev looking so forlorn. just one of his lazy days.

been busy the entire weekend, my cousin (dad’s side) got married ๐Ÿ™‚ so the entire Lam clan congregated around KL for the event, been running here and there for the event.

locum tomorrow, gonna sleep early tonight. tata.


Doggy day at BU central park

Ivy n Liev went to the park! first time for my 'sakai' doggy ๐Ÿ˜€ haha liev was scared by so many bigger doggies..lol the doggies are generally friendly towards humans..but not so towards their own kind!


Liev in the car

Ivy & Liev in the car!

Liev meeting another chow chow

sitting at the pavement in the shade

Liev and doggy get to know each other

i โค my silly fat lazy liev!

it was a good day, abit too sunny..but at least it wasnt raining.i saw so many dogs i havent even seen before..so amazing.. saw a great dane for the first time..and somethingsomething mountain dog..and LOTS of huskies

and a very beautiful cream colored chowchow


photos credit to *Cheryl* , edited with picnik ๐Ÿ™‚

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Liev in his jersey

*lol* we finally caved in and bought a little cute USA jersey for Liev to wear.. didnt bring him along to the shop so we had to guess-timate his size…turned out pretty ok but it flattened all his fluff






there you go, my precious ball of fluff… he is now slightly over 4 months and already about 13 kgs…getting really difficult to carry him.. last time i could do that with ease but now..

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More pics of Liev

these are randomly taken from Cheryl and Laza

singfa and liev

me and my baby




cheryl captures him so beautifully


liev keeps me busy and company, so pinky was right, having liev makes me happier

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Liev-my little lion

Pinky and i brought back a precious little Chow Chow puppy with me.. Pinky went through all the trouble to get his travelling permit in time because we only found him one day before we were due to fly (sunday) and we had to rush to get his documentation done early morning on Monday before our 11.45pm flight..and Pinky did everything for me.

here's Liev (previously Booble)

sleeping on the bench in room 708, our hostel in ukraine

a week later,brought him back to JB with us, this is taken at Uncle Poi's house



photos are unedited because im lazy, and also busy! busy with job app, and i've just gotten some time to tranfer the few pics i have of him in my camera..

waiting for cheryl to send me her version, much more beautiful than mine..haha the camera in the hands of an expert ๐Ÿ˜‰


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