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Called for duty…soonish

tomorrow early in the morning i'll be flying to Kota Bahru..and then meeting up with Jing's mom and sis, who will so kindly send me to Besut, Kuala Terengganu. Am feeling so grateful now that i dont have to worry about finding a suitable cab..even though there will be four of us travelling together (+ singfa,gurvin & jananee)

im going for the BTN or biro tata negara course…from tomorrow till saturday-1st nov and then from the 1st-15th i'll be at port dickson for Induction course.damn these courses that is compulsory for us. anyway the letter to tell me where im posted will be given to us at the beginning of the induction course..i really have to pray hard and keep my fingers n toes crossed that i'll get a hospital nearby.


and guess what..

Im sick..again. this is a pattern,each time that im supposed to go somewhere… i'll fall sick during or before the trip :S


hopefull selesa beach resort in p.d. has wifi connection.




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i lovee you because of how different you are from me, because you have the longest lashes which would cross at the tips while mine are short, straight and sparse, because you are so neat u would even tidy up after me , i even marvel at how 'brown' u are, when we put our feet together the contrast makes me laugh, you are skinny and tall, just how i wish i am but alas im short and…not skinny definately -__- you are addicted to games, i could care no less about them.. i live to shop and u wished i shopped less.. everything different about you i could embrace..

but tonight it came to a point where i feel stuck..

suddenly..what's different about you became a scary reality i'll have to face.

give up my faith and be with you, because there is that one difference i cant overcome.

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i’ve never thought poems could be this sexy

i have a whole new appreciation for poems, esp from E.E. cumings. he wrote the most amazing stuffs. and this is my favourite..i love it so much i cant stop thinking about it. and i got a tingle all the way down to my toes the first few times i read it. Amazing indeed, havent felt this way for the longest time.

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breathtakingly beautiful

im loving this, the color is perfect..


Marc Jacobs quilted bruna leather tote..

found it online at neiman marcus for 995usd

now the problem do i get to buy it for that price? im assuming the markup in the malaysia marc jacob store is massive…probably would be about 500-600usd more 😦

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Today Cheryl taught me something.

'But then who does the right things when their heart is not in the right place'


thank you my friend, for your insight

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Doggy day at BU central park

Ivy n Liev went to the park! first time for my 'sakai' doggy 😀 haha liev was scared by so many bigger the doggies are generally friendly towards humans..but not so towards their own kind!


Liev in the car

Ivy & Liev in the car!

Liev meeting another chow chow

sitting at the pavement in the shade

Liev and doggy get to know each other

i ❤ my silly fat lazy liev!

it was a good day, abit too sunny..but at least it wasnt raining.i saw so many dogs i havent even seen amazing.. saw a great dane for the first time..and somethingsomething mountain dog..and LOTS of huskies

and a very beautiful cream colored chowchow


photos credit to *Cheryl* , edited with picnik 🙂

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kagda ya vas skazalla net..

i wish i could spend some days away from home ,away from my mom, away from everything.

i need to run…as far as i can



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anothe night of debauchery.. *edited with pics*

i havent been thisdrunbk for ages.

i lve the fact that cheryl ishere…

went out today thinking of just afew glasses of wine..

and that turned into a few glasses of red wine + a shot of tequila (thanks johnny boy!) + 2 jugs of tiger beer..


and of course fanyin appearing out of asudden

and the live band *almost* playing favourite malaysoing

and the singer promising me that he will learn it soon :$


i camt believe chen made me go sing with him





*insert evil laugh* now that i've gotten the pics…it's my turn to post them up!!

it started with a bottle of wine  and some tequila shots

me with cheryl, some say we look like sisters!

me with cheryl – lol yes, we had 2 cheryls that night

then everyone was drnking tiger beer

even Fanyin!

thanks to Johnny boy who kept ordering the jugs

very semangat to cheers for dunno what

coerced by both the geminis, see why i say they are scary?


lol chen, i still love u even tho u..

tend to exhibit ur violent ways onto me..

cant remember what we were excited about

our favorite beer

was really happy to find somene to smoke with

hahha they dont call me dragon lam for nothing ey

the singer that night


many more pics but i think im lazy already..

it was a truly great night..

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crazy morning talk

sometimes…i just want to be with a guy who cant stop kissing me..

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im not perfect but

it's confirmed..

apart from being vertically challenged, on the way to being even horizontally challenged…

im now morally challenged.


this is so throwing away my interests in all things….proper and indulging in all that i shouldnt.

is how i feel now.

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