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i dont understand..

how can it be that the one source of my happiness could also be the reason for infinite sadness?


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Summer trip – Stockholm

Photos from our summer trip to scandinavia, first city, stockholm via warsaw


us minus tan in front of our hostel

at the nearby supermarket, everything looks yummy when it's foreign~

somewhere in the city, going for the ferry ride


complimentary rides for ferry with the purchase of the Stockholm Card, a must for tourists as it includes 2 boat cruises and more than 70 museums admission







we stopped at this little island to visit the Vasa museum

this is a real viking ship pulled up from the ocean floor many years after it sank


more pics to come, im getting lazy -__-

sorry for the bad captions



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when spe;ling seems like a chore

going out with a bunch of girls is so fun..

so fun that i come back at the end of the night *almost* forgetting hw to open my door….


it's been too long girls, we should have done this years ago.

bt at least nw we can mkae up for lost time.


i ❤ u girls to bits..

send me the pics !


here's one..from my phone :

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being me

just when i thought i could heave a sigh of relieve, take a little respite from everything..

something dropped onto my lap, and i have to really think about it.


i have been so busy running errands and catching up on sleep and tending to my dog (Booble-Liev) that i hardly have time for myself, the only internet time i have are always after midnight..till the time my eyes tell me i should stop.

there are so much to do, so much to take in, so much to understand, so much to feel.. i got lost in the middle of everything. i havent sorted out my feelings for Pinky, im not sure if im anywhere near ready to bid him goodbye for the next few months.. all i know is that the time he spent here with me was so fleeting that it quickly disappeared into random memory 😦

the consistency of my life at the moment only involves :

1) cleaning dog poo from the garden few X/day

2) finding reasons to stay asleep when my mom barges in every morning

3) eating lots of supper (which i obviously dont need)

i need to get my life sorted out, i cant be in this mess.

the only positive thing that came out of all these is…. that i have hardly anytime to worry about not seeing Pinky for the next few months.


maybe when life becomes mundane again it will all be back to hit me.

i hope and i pray for the best, gonna be keeping my fingers crossed.


ps: as usual, dozens of backdated pics to be posted, but i cant do it now or else i'll really have to start investing in better eyecreams (which i cant afford atm !)haha


Pinky and oily me at maison few weeks back



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you think of me as someone with a character problem.. as you put it.

no wonder everything i say when im angry with you doesnt strike a chord..because in your mind, it all can be explained with just this 2 simple words : character problem.


im shocked, appalled ..and in disbelief.

now i wonder… so all this while… when u comfort me or cajol me it was not because u understood how i felt..


oh my god


this is why i can say, always and always.. i could take physical pain way better.

i guess not many ppl are lucky to be able to withstand both kinds of pain well.


i dont know where i will be on this

im not sure what i would do

i only know.. that this is one shocking horrifying revelation 😦

coming from someone i love


to know that the person u love, sees you this way

it is very painful.


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