Mom’s 61st birthday

We celebrated mom’s 61st birthday last weekend, had buffet hi tea at fuzion restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel, and it was a nice afternoon of feasting and chatting <;;;3 <;;;3

My mom and her birthday present from Aunty Flo & Daryl

Me! Wore my hi lo dress fr miss self ridge, and I was slightly more adventurous with my eye look, I used the iridescent purple from my Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland palette.

Love the purple and pink color on my dress. I’m also wearing my vita inspired bracelet that I bought in Pisa 🙂

Can’t say I don’t eat my veggies 😛

I loved the dessert, looking back at this pic I wish I had more of the fondue >;.<;

Mommy with her cake that my dear cousin Tammy brought. More cake!

Some pics from my Instagram

Everyone except my dear mr awesome

Very nice pool area near the restaurant

Aaah..wish I could be lounging by the pool right now..

Then at night we were invited for Jing & Wen’s birthday celebration in TGIF, Subang Parade. So there were 3 birthday ladies celebrating that night, including my mom 😀



We had the fujifilm instax camera to play with, lookit all the Polaroids ❤ ❤ I'm gonna get one of these soon!

One last pic…

Cheers! (the mango caramel mojito from TGIF is to die for *slurp*)


2 responses to “Mom’s 61st birthday

  1. heeh get a Polaroid so fun !!

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