i lovee you because of how different you are from me, because you have the longest lashes which would cross at the tips while mine are short, straight and sparse, because you are so neat u would even tidy up after me , i even marvel at how 'brown' u are, when we put our feet together the contrast makes me laugh, you are skinny and tall, just how i wish i am but alas im short and…not skinny definately -__- you are addicted to games, i could care no less about them.. i live to shop and u wished i shopped less.. everything different about you i could embrace..

but tonight it came to a point where i feel stuck..

suddenly..what's different about you became a scary reality i'll have to face.

give up my faith and be with you, because there is that one difference i cant overcome.

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2 responses to “faithless

  1. i love you sayang..sorry to make u think like this tonight

  2. hey… i might be able to understand what you're going through… but at the end of the day, i think whether is it worthwhile and i really do feel that love, does triumph faith, in a way. but my beliefs will remain the same. idk if i made sense. hmm, it being 3am and all.*hugs*

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