Doggy day at BU central park

Ivy n Liev went to the park! first time for my 'sakai' doggy 😀 haha liev was scared by so many bigger the doggies are generally friendly towards humans..but not so towards their own kind!


Liev in the car

Ivy & Liev in the car!

Liev meeting another chow chow

sitting at the pavement in the shade

Liev and doggy get to know each other

i ❤ my silly fat lazy liev!

it was a good day, abit too sunny..but at least it wasnt raining.i saw so many dogs i havent even seen amazing.. saw a great dane for the first time..and somethingsomething mountain dog..and LOTS of huskies

and a very beautiful cream colored chowchow


photos credit to *Cheryl* , edited with picnik 🙂

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5 responses to “Doggy day at BU central park

  1. wah so nice so nice….yay liev went out n meet other doggies…so cute the mummyliev n boobleliev pan-posing here n there

  2. eheheh cant wait till next week outing !

  3. hehe yes it was nice indeed 🙂 so happy to see all the other doggies

  4. hehe. sakai liev is so funny. u're bad owner! *smack*liev looks so lost like never gone out before.

  5. Your dog is SOOOO cute! 🙂

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