A random act of sweetness

today the boy selling Famous Amos cookies made me happy by giving me 35 extra grams of cookies (i only bought 100g) and today i lined for for 30 mins buying J.co donuts…which i dont really fancy after trying a few.

my aunt/uncle/cousin are here.been so busy because part of my time is spent catering to their needs.i was the driver yesterday, today we spent 9 hrs in Sunway Pyramid, shopping.first time ever, the parking costed 8rm -_____-


we bought so much, that our Vitara boot was filled to the brim, and J.Co had its own place in btw my aunt and uncle at the backseat..hahaha my much precious donuts.


bought my first pair of fake eyelashs fr shu uemura a few days back and today i bought a few more.

cheryl took and edited some of the pics.lo and behold, me with lashes :):)

getting it attached,sorry about my super sahara lips.always been like that 😦


i wish im born with lashes like that! that said..the first plastic procedure i go for would be eyelash implantation.


wish everyone well back in ukraine.i miss all of you so much

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3 responses to “A random act of sweetness

  1. hoik hoik wats this trying to get me to permit u doing plastic surgery…dont be jahat ya baby sayng…haha c c me sentence of discouragement did not have 'cannot' nor 'no' buahahhaha
    eh sayang carefull when placing glue on ur eyelids ya…wait eye cannot open wait how

  2. wahaha fariq so funny. yea actually if glue di the eye cant open n then u have to yank ur eyelashes out.. ewww ;<

  3. the comments above makes me go ewwwwwwwwwwwwwi never thought of that !!!

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