To buy:

  1. another bikini because im so clever i decided last summer in msia that i wouldnt need it this summer , so i didnt bring it back. all 4 pairs -_________- and i prolly need a new one to fit my fatter self now anyway *sigh*
  2. thin hairbands preferably with bow cause i love anything bowed or ribboned
  3. this scarf thing to put on my hair which i tried on countless times in Warsaw but ended up not buying because when i finaaaaaaaaaaally decided to it was too late and we had to rush back to the hotel
  4. i want that minnie mouse hugeass sunnies which i didnt buy in Mango (but i bought the other one which everyone thought is nicer, except me but peer pressure i trust my friends..) so the solution is to get both but sadly i realised it only when i came back here and there are no mango shops in Simferopol. the nearest one is 13hrs away by train.
  5. onions. because i use them in almost everything i cook la.who doesnt

Whee! this saturday we are going to the beach! *hop hop*

ya great, and im going shopping for my bikini on Sunday.

*crosses fingers* pinky will teman me shopping .haha prolly have to bribe him with some food.

one day i'll post up pics of the stuff i bought fr poland.hahaha head to toe shopping! ok i'll show you the LV speedy that i bought for my mom instead from Germany. Ah complicated indeed how i ended up buying an LV for my mom..hahaha anyway i bought it with the $$ that my dad gave me for the trip, dont ask me how i'll have enough $$ left over for an LV bag, maybe cause Germany is a cheaper destination than i expected :p


DSC02333 (Large)DSC02349 (Large)DSC02339 (Large)DSC02341 (Large)

i love it i hope my mom would too i havent shown her the bag yet… i wanted Damier Azur but the Hamburg store didnt have it in was apparently too early..but they had the pochette in Damier Azur..which i wanted for myself but mr pinky said why not wait till u can get the speedy 25 in damier azur instead of settling for the small pochette.


regret regret regret. cause it was kinda cheap compared to the prices in Asia or Ukraine, only 190 euros .bah, and it was a new color! i came back to find out that in alot of people were waiting for the azur anything in US and there i was, right in front of it (with a good price) and i didnt get it.

nevermind lar, the one that i really really really want is the Monogram Perfo speedy 30 in orange or fucshia. it's 880 euros or something like that.

le sigh.

remind me  that the best place to buy LV is in Europe, even that also the price vary.apparently germany is one of the cheaper place. and i got 45 euros back in taxes. so so worth it ~ wayyy cheaper than msia 🙂


these flats are so me! leopard printed and glittery…hahaha bought it in Czech rep's zara, didnt even see it in germany or poland. saw leopard printed flats everywhere in poland, but none had glitter *smug* but mine is pretty worn and its scuffed and less glittery now tho…

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2 responses to “To buy:

  1. Nice bag. Maybe your mom might let you have it instead. ;PI can't wait to go shopping too! but as you already know, i'm having exams now.I feel excited for you. Sigh. How sad. Hehe.

  2. ah! shopping trip not fruitful i got only my thin hairband ,couldnt find the bikini that i could fall for…
    ur exam starts early but finishes early!
    hang in there *hugs*

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