Oncology classes – A brief roundup

Oncology cycle turned out to be not as bad as i imagined it to be, i was rather dreading it because we have to go to a hospital pretty far away. and thinking of early morning waking up and all that…errrr. butthen i realised that there are plenty of busses going that way..and our teacher doesnt really mind us being late ^_^

our daily routine would be like this: first thing in the morning, our teacher will explain the day's topic to us and brief us about the important things and then we'll have our break time, usually around 9am in the morning. we are given 20 mins for break time, but usually we stretch it till about an hour 😀

next, it is either going into the operation theatres to watch (watch only, no touching..hehe) various operations, or going to the wards to speak to our patients. Usually given the 2nd option means an extension of our break time as some of my classmate's patients actually passed away and some patients do not like to be disturbed…

the other day i snapped some pics in the operation theatre. It was the removal of the ovaries with its appendages because the  lady had very very large tumors in both her ovaries.



our teacher is the one on the right (in white). he was trying to pull our the ovaries, and it was difficult because they were huge.


you can see the ovaries now, the two shiny round masses, those are the ovaries deformed by the tumors. so big!



the cycle is coming to an end on Monday, im gonna miss it a bit. we have a nice teacher, hospital has ok cafe (some hospitals do not even have a cafe) and we can go to class late :D:D


and during one cloudy, windy day we took this shot :


haha we look like we went shopping, but no we didnt. the paper bags were used to stuff our labcoats and the second pair of shoes that is compulsory for the hospital.

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4 responses to “Oncology classes – A brief roundup

  1. eee… ukraine and oncology…not suprised that they have no other way than to resect tumors….

  2. OMGivy that is GROSS~!!!!i was halfway enjoying my ABC stew

  3. aiyerrr yucky haha

  4. mwahahahaha ! gross leh!
    but kinda interesting..no?

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