winter trip #2 : Hamburg-Leipzig-Dresden

a really long overdue pics of our holiday ;P

23rd January 2007-24th January 2007


the Hamburg train station. it's really nice because there are plenty of shops eg bakeries(oh how i have been deprived) fast food eateries and even shoe shop selling gorgeous boots *swoon* hahaha yeah, that pretty much sums it, a little convenient shopping place 😉 and yes, it is a train station


we took an ICE train which is the fastest train in Germany to Leipzig to meet our friend Alexandra. the train station in Leipzig is even better, bigger and has more shops..wah, im so loving even the train stations in Germany 😉

i mean it's so convenient i could grab a pair of shoes or something and make a dash for the train ..right?


we met up with Alex after a false alarm not being able to meet up because our very clever *ahem* friend CK didnt get her phone number so we were wondering about for almost half an hour before someone tapped Fariq on his shoulder and thank goodness it's Alex ! this pic above is taken in her studio apartment, it is the enclosed balcony. her apartment is so nice, i'd totally love to stay in a place like that.

we were to take a train to Dresden the next day but we spent the entire afternoon around Leipzig instead.

we didnt know that Leipzig is pronounced correctly as 'Laipzish' so we were walking around speaking it as how it's spelt till Alex came to our rescue huhuhu so this is a retarded pic of me and Alex (me retarded, she-not) taken at a bus stop.


me and Alex, while waiting for the tram


i was walking down the street from Alex's apartment with Mr Pink Thing.. (he isnt in the pic because he took the pic 😉



this is ck feasting on German sausages so yummy i could still remember the smell but i didnt eat as i rushed off to shop 😀


finally after and early snack of mcds we boarded a train to Dresden. And this is Mr. Pink doing his fav pose XD


we arrived in Dresden to this! we were snowed in!

ok, this is disgusting of me but i shall continue after a long long time soon *blueks*


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3 responses to “winter trip #2 : Hamburg-Leipzig-Dresden

  1. haha you really do look retarded in that photo. hahahahhahamade me laugh when i saw it.that's nice. i wanna go to hamburg too. 😦

  2. haha yeay thanks bestfriend
    congrats to u u have a retarded best friend ahahahaha damn!

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