It’s spring!

If only our local condition reflects that. The place is all dirty with muddy slush ewk walking around you cant help it but make 'splish splash' sounds and it dirties the bottom of my pants, and also my shoes 😐

today i had a chance to get an exemption from the Peadiatrics exam this coming summer. But as always, the chance slipped through my hands because i didnt treasure it enough to work really hard for it. I dont blame luck for this one, i blame my inadequate prior knowledge. I dont regret not spending enough time on it, because what i didnt know today wasn't something that i learnt in the past two days, it is something that i should have known.

i have been very unmotivated this sem, and it all began from last semester. im more preoccupied with watching movies, cooking dinner and i hardly ever study on a daily basis. i got through my classes with whatever knowledge i've acquired all these years, without adding more to the pile.

maybe today was meant to be more than just another test.

hehe because it brings back most of the motivation that i have lost in the midst of trying to live.


today for the first time, i borrowed a russian language text book from the library. i assume that i'll be trying to read it tonight 🙂


oh yea, as a reminder : what i didnt know today was how to check skin turgor.(it is one of the simplest things ever!)


*hangs head in shame*


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